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Solopreneurs Gratitude Goals & Growth 🌱 📎 ⭐️ ☕️ 30 minutes

By Women’s Wisdom on October 28, 2021 7:30 AM MDT


Who is there?

Carol Clegg, Judy Foster, Tina De Luca, Ziza Natur, Ale Cortina, Rhoda Omejia, Renee Reisch, Brandy Heyde Montague, Amy Kanarek, Maz Sadeq, Pinky Chong, Jobie Summer, Jill Yank, Virginia Lugo

What's up?

Bring a journal to ✍️ Reflect on 3 things from yesterday, 3 intentions for today, affirmation statement for the day. End your day with appreciation. Workshop style Listen and share your 3 goals today📎

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